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We produce comprehensive services for product design, graphic idenity, rapid protoyping, engineering development, and direct digital manufacturing.

Expanding the Boundaries of Creative Design & Technology

We are a consultancy of collaborative designers and engineers with a creative synergy for solving an array of design tasks through applied intellect and innovative technology. We have the design and engineering skills to convert your marketing brief into a successful end product. We are in the business of creating and developing concepts and specifications that optimize the function, value and appearance of products and systems for the benefit of both user and manufacturer.

We generally provide our services within the context of cooperative working relationships with designated members of a client’s development group. Typical groups

include management, marketing, engineering and manufacturing specialists. We produce concepts that embody all relevant design criteria determined by the group.

In addition to supplying concepts for products and systems, other services include reverse engineering, mold design, and direct digital manufacturing, product and organization identity systems, development of communication systems, interior space planning and exhibit design, advertising materials, packaging and other related services.

Creative Design Solutions